Introducing breadcup.
The food packaging you would love to eat.
A great alternative to plastic and paper.
Just eat your cup along with the soup and leave no waste.
Made with only flour, water, salt and turmeric, our bread cup is vegan. Freshly baked during the day, it has a crunchy texture, bright colour and tastes like fresh bread!

Our cup is designed to help you eat soup on the go, in busy environments, whether you're on the street or in the office. All you need is one hand to eat your lunch. The bread cup can also easily stand on your table.
We started Soup Bakery because we care about environmental sustainability and the increasing human impact on plastic waste.
Sustainability in details.
Vegetables only.
To be truly sustainable, we do not cook meat or seafood. We use only natural local seasonal vegetables and spices.
We transport our food using our fast and zero-emission mobile shop, the "Food Bike". Smaller deliveries are done by bike only.
No leftovers.
We don't like to throw food away, so we don't cook in advance. This is why we launched subscriptions. You make your order in advance and we carefully plan what to buy and how much to cook.
We offer weekly subscriptions.
How subscription works
Every week
We offer a great variety of soups, but you don't need to choose. Make a decision on which day of week you want to have a delicious lunch and we will be there for you with our 'soup of the week'.
Responsible delivery
Our soup is transported in custom-made thermoses, leaving it warm and tasty. These thermoses are then washed and re-used. You eat the soup directly from the bread cup. It's a delivery without waste!
PIN only
We accept only card payments and no cash. If you need a receipt, we can send it to you by email or via SMS. No paper is used in the payment process.
Simple rules are the best
5 €
One portion of soup in a breadcup.
4 portions
Minimum order.
free delivery*
* for orders of 10 portions or higher. Delivery is €3 for smaller orders.
Delivery details
After a free trial of 3 portions, we agree on weekday and time that works best for you and your colleagues.
One working day prior delivery, we contact you to confirm how many portions you need delivered.
On the delivery day, we come to you and serve you delicious soup straight from our thermoses to the breadcups.
Everyone pays for themselves with PIN/Debit card payment.
* if there is a delivery charge, the delivery fee is shared amongst everyone, e.g. for 6 people, everyone pays 50 cents.

Sign up for a free trial delivery at your office
We will deliver 3 portions for you and your collegues.
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Contact us
You can contact at anytime. We'll be glad to answer your questions.